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The Mediterranean Under the Black Flag: Piracy in the 16th–18th Centuries

In the turbulent era between the 16th and the 18th centuries, the “Golden Age of Piracy” was not limited to North America and the Caribbean Sea, but reached as far as England, Africa and the Mediterranean. In the midst of the confrontation between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice, with England, Spain, France and the Knights of Malta claiming a piece of the pie, pirates were a force to be reckoned with. Pirates like Hayreddin and Aruj Barbarossa (the notorious “Redbeard”), the skilled strategist Uluj Ali, the cunning Turgut Reis, the French Hugo de Crevelier and the Spanish Alonso de Contreras fought for their share of the big prize that was the archipelago. Other pirates established autonomous entities and ruled over them. The Dutch Jan Janszoon declared Salé of Morocco an independent pirate state and became its first president, while the Greek Kapsis conquered the island of Milos and declared it an independent Greek kingdom. In that era, piracy was a phenomenon with social, political and military implications, and pirates played a significant role in the developments that would shape the geopolitical map of the Mediterranean region



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“Pirates, love them or hate them, this book is a treasure chest of interest and enjoyment!”
Helen Hollick (author of the Sea Witch series).




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